There’s a lot of internal screaming with excitement going on right about now. Let it stand for the record that I am so incredibly lucky, blessed and grateful for the fact that we were able to build this new house.  I also thought we never would because I hate moving. I vowed we would never leave the house we are in. Apparently my vows aren’t worth the breath I use to utter them.

I have a trillion pictures of the kitchen. It’s all about the kitchen. Every single bit of planning it has been so much fun and so many things I have only dreamed about before are in this kitchen.

The white subway tile backsplash.

The white shaker cabinetry with some glass fronts.


Pendant lighting.

Hardwood flooring.

The appliances.

Hello, Lover. You take my breath away.

And you, you gorgeous thing. Words cannot express how I feel about you.

A little side view of the kitchen. Because I simply cannot get enough of it right now. I am going to look at these pictures for the next 5 days and impatiently wait to get in there.

I guess there are other rooms in the house that I could show you. This is the window view of my sitting room downstairs. The room I have no furniture for. It’s ok, we are going to love sitting on that hardwood.

My master walk-in closet. I am not sure where Mike’s clothes are going. Any suggestions?

My sister in the bonus room, AKA the TV and computer room. The entertainment room. The get all electronics in one place in the house room. People don’t understand why I hate TV’s in kitchens, bathrooms, kids bedrooms, etc. I am so excited to get my television OFF my main floor and into it’s own room. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my TV. We have a speaker system going into this room that we had wired in and the whole nine yards. I think watching movies is a perfect evening with my honey bunny,I love my favorite shows and I love Wii and the list goes on and on.

I just believe TV’s have a time and a place and it’s not on my main floor where we eat and socialize. I picked this house layout because we can have an entire main floor for eating, cooking, visiting with each other and our guests and there isn’t a TV or computer in sight.

That’s not weird, right? Tell me someone else out there thinks the same way.

The Princess’s room.

My bathroom. There’s a lot of “my” going around, isn’t there? I guess perhaps I can share the closet with Mike after all. I actually think he has more clothes than I do…


A shower!

A toilet!

Because you all wanted to see it. And this is the last time ever.

Ah the tub. I can’t wait. I think the first thing I will do it shut and lock the door and have a bath. Even before we move in perhaps.

I keep teasing the kids that they have their own tub and that this one isn’t special at all. They have negotiated me down to baths in it on Fridays and holidays. Tough customers, those two.

Saturday is the BIG MOVE. We are packed, locked n’ loaded and ready to go.

Wanna know how you can tell we are packed and ready to go? It sounds like this:

“Honey, where’s the measuring tape?”


“Babe, where’s my disk for my Mac? The blah blah operating system blah blah?”

“Packed”  (Actually, I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, so I just said it was packed to end the conversation)

“Mo-oom! Where’s my homework??”

Either you forgot it at school as usual or it’s PACKED.”

“Mommy, where’s the cat?”

” Ah crap. Here’s the knife.”

I only exaggerate slightly.

The homework was at school.


The So Excited It’s only 5 More Sleeps Till We Move Magpie