This delicious concoction took a lot of trust for me to attempt. Who on earth puts Coke into a gravy and then onto a roast? After searching the internet and realizing that every single recipe I came across had rave reviews about using a cola soda on roast beef, I had to try it.  And it was meant to be; I actually had full-sugared Coke in the fridge, which is a rarity, usually if there is pop, its diet.

By the way, I was told once that the term “pop” can be a uniquely regional term for soda, so for those who aren’t familiar with it, if I talk pop, I mean soda or soft drink. By regional I also mean that every Canadian I know refers to it as so.


1 1/3 cups of full sugar Cola

1 can of mushroom soup

1 package of onion soup mix

1 package of gravy mix

1 sirloin roast about 5 lbs

as many vegetable as you want

Kick the tires and light the fires to 325 degrees.

For this recipe I used a large, long sirloin roast, and this meal would safely feed 6-8 adults. I love the fact that its a one-roaster meal, is amazing to serve to guests and is incredibly easy! A tip for a better roast: if you leave it in the fridge for 2 days before serving, it tenderizes right up. This was the cheapest roast ever, but after two days i n the fridge, it melted in our mouths after cooking!

Now for the usual pretty pictures of food. The Coke beside the veggies is the very definition of incongruous, which means not harmonious in character or lacking harmony of parts. Or, simply put:

Good vs  Evil

Oh my carrots, my bountiful, gorgeous carrots that we have been eating daily. We are going to sprout whiskers and start hopping. Which, coincidentally, as a rabbit owner, I know is a fallacy; they are NOT the best food for rabbits. But for the sake of a cliche, we’ll go with it.

Get a big dang roaster. Biggest you have. This puppy was a wedding gift, and one of my favorites still. It fits a turkey, it will cook this roast and enough veggies for 8 adults, the possibilities are endless. It’s a son-of-a-gun to find the space to store, but so worth it!

Chop up all the veggies you need, go big or go home! Fill it up! You’re feeding a horde! Or maybe not. But leftovers are very, very good. Throw in a few cloves of garlic as well, as many as you like. This is the beauty of this recipe, you can make it small, or you can make it large, there is so much sauce, plus water from the veggies that you don’t have to worry about anything drying out. Rarely is there  a one roaster meal that you can serve at a dinner get-together.

Gorgeous, just simply a work of art!

Ok, time for the crazy sauce.

Mix 1 1/3 cups of cola of your choice in with the mushroom soup.

Stir in a package of brown gravy.

Now add in your onion soup mix.

After you have added these altogether, you will have about 3 cups of sauce  to pour all over the roast and veggies, and a little goes a looooong way baby.

Pour over the roast first…

..and look at how amazingly well it sticks to the roast! Covers it up perfectly.

Next, go around the roast and pour some on the vegetables.

Take a spoon and mix the sauce and the veggies together to coat them well.

You should still have more than enough sauce to go over the roast one more time. Cook in a 325 degree oven till its done to your liking. We did rare, which is 140 F for an internal temperature. Please, use your meat thermometer, nothing ruins a perfect roast like overcooking it!


Remember to take off the strings!

The smaller outer slices of the roast will be well done, then you get a couple medium rare, then in the very center, rare and as mouth-watering as heck. If you serve a lot of turkey or roasts, you need to invest in an electric knife. It is a lifesaver and I don’t know how I lived without one for so many years. We only sliced half the roast, my next recipe will be what we made with the leftovers, and were almost better than this meal!

Serve and enjoy! It has the traditional flavor of roast beef with a slight sweet flavor, just the right amount.

Check back to see what I made with the leftovers, I love when a meal stretches over two meals!