As we pack, plan and generally live in chaos getting ready for our next trip, I realized that I am about to check two MAJOR  things off my Travel Bucket list this upcoming trip that we are taking.

Major. Like, I’ve been waiting  my whole life kinda major.

Visiting New Orleans and taking a Disney cruise have been on my list forever. Now, that bucket list hasn’t ever been written out, I just know what’s in my head. Those two have been top of the list for as long as I can remember and Mike knows how much I’ve yearned for both since the day we were married, about 13 years ago.

I am so gosh darn excited and so unbelievably lucky to be going on this fantastic trip in about two weeks.

Since I’ve never written out my Bucket List, I’ve decided it’s high time I did and where else would I write it out but here, on my website.

I will be making this a permanent page on my website that can be clicked on and checked to see if I am getting anywhere else on it 😉 but for now, let’s just make it a post.



So, what’s on YOUR bucket list? Do you share any of the same places or activities? I am sure that this list will change and I assure you, there are many more places that I want to visit that will make their way on there. Trying to list them all at once was a hard endeavour, some I know by heart and dream about daily but some I have only had fleeting thoughts about every once in a while.

Oh, and start packing those virtual suitcases.

I’m taking you on a Disney cruise AND to New Orleans this winter!