My Sunday TableMy Sunday table, the real actual table that is set on Sundays now, is usually a very casual affair. So casual that the kids might eat at the kitchen counter while Mike and I scarf back a sandwich then run off to tackle the mess we brought home from camping.

Sundays, now that summer is here, are all about coming home from the lake and the utter destruction that follows. Campfire smoke infused clothes pile up in stacks by the washing machine to be cleaned, random bits and bobs need to be put away. Fishing tackle needs to be put away in the garage and any groceries we brought home need to be put away.

The possibility of me actually finding time to set a pretty table on Sundays is pretty much non-existent. I’d feel a twinge of guilt except for the fact that we spent the entire weekend together as a family cooking, camping and fishing.

Instead, I wanted to make a lunchtime special this week for the kids. While they were upstairs playing , I quickly readied a small, simple and healthy lunch for them.

I wandered out to the flowerbeds and cut a few flowers.

My Sunday Table

Then I whipped up simple asparagus and cheese omelettes (plain cheese for my little Rose) and filled up a serving dish with vegetables and blueberries. A side dish of dip awaited eager little hands.My Sunday Table

I love the kid’s reactions when I do things like this, no matter how many times I set a pretty table, they always exclaim how lovely it is. It made it worth the extra 5 minutes it took to pull out some nice dishes, some fun dishes, and make lunch with Mom just that little bit extra special.

My Sunday Table

It’s so simple, so easy yet I hope it’s something that makes their days a little bit brighter and that they have fond memories of the times that Mom thought they were big enough and special enough to set a pretty lunch table for.

My Sunday TableNow on to the details! My absolute favorite bargain is number two, a mere $5 at Superstore yet the presentation makes it so much fun for kids to eat their veggies and fruit!

1) Sea shell vase – Micheals $12 with a 40% off coupon

2) Blue and green melamine bowl, President’s Choice $5 (I love this bowl for veggies!!)

3) White plates by Primagera, made in Portugal. $4.99 at HomeSense.

4) Dip bowl (one of a trio) from Target $5 for the set of three.

My Sunday TableHappy Sunday everyone!

What’s on your REAL Sunday table today? BBQ? Take out? Huge family dinner?

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!