These are a magical mystery goodie. God Bless Kraft for coming up with these, who in their right mind would cover a Ritz cracker with mint chocolate?

The test kitchen people at Kraft, that’s who. And that’s why my future does not include being in a test kitchen,  I am just not bold enough. I am not cut out for adventurous cooking like this.

But…they are salty…they are sweet….they have chocolate…and they have mint.

Hawt damn, what a combo.


2 cups of chocolate chips
1/3 tsp mint flavoring
box of Ritz crackers
1 peppermint candy cane, crushed

Sigh. Love it. That is a pile of happy below, y’all. A PILE O’ HAPPY, I tell you.

Melt your chocolate chips.

Stir in your mint flavoring, and get ready to dip!


..then place on wax paper. The number of treats you end up with depend on if you are a heavy dipper or a light dipper.

Once the dipping is done, time to sprinkle!

Oh lord. These are my favorite crunchy salty sweet minty snack. Just look at that perfection.