Melon Parfait

So simple yet so entertaining and healthy for the kids to eat. They loved that I served it in banana split bowls. You will also see I have a wee little container of soy yogurt for my son, and according to him it tasted fantastic. So this is easy switched to a vegan breakfast as well.



honeydew melon

strawberry yogurt


My first attempt at using a fruit baller, and I must admit, its quite fun. I love how you can see my reflection in it, there’s me, upside down, taking a picture. Darn reflective kitchenware!

You could even say it works like a charm, lookit that, a perfect melon ball.

So you can either use a melon baller, or slice up the melons and place them in a serving dish.

Pour some strawberry yogurt over top of them. Strawberry tasted really great, but I am sure that blueberry or raspberry even would go smoothly with the melon flavors.

Serve and enjoy!


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