To celebrate May the 4th Be With You today, I am writing up a little review of the book Star Wars – Year by Year A Visual Chronicle and let you know about all the cool things going on at DK Publishing.

Anyone who loves Star Wars knows that today is a fun day where you celebrate everything Star Wars. I’m sure everyone gets the “May the 4th” be with you, correct? I don’t need to do any ‘splaining?

In the spirit of the day what other book could I review than one that covers everything Star Wars?

This is 320 pages of sheer delight for the Star Wars fans, young and old. It simply has everything; from toys that were produced, the actual movies themselves, to bed sheets to books. The format is very fun to read, the year by year synopsis makes it easy for one to check out exactly the time frame you want to know about.

Check out 1975. I’m happy to say I wasn’t even born then.


I absolutely love this page, the Muppets Star Wars episode is well-loved by my whole family and is beyond a classic.

This book has been on my list to read and review for a while now so I was incredibly happy to receive it this year. I am tucking it away for car trip reading for my 8-year-old. His beady eagle eyes already spotted it and was just about to settle onto the couch to read it when I had to crush his Star Wars dreams and tell him it’s for our trip to the States. I’m mean. However this is primo reading material for a long car ride!

This is a book that will be well loved by the entire family and one can spend hours delving into it’s awesome depths. What an amazing treasure trove of information this is for the Star Wars lover!

To add to the celebrations of May the 4th, DK Publishing always celebrates the day in a big way and this year is no exception. Here is a list of what is going on for the 2012 celebrations!


– For every DK Star Wars book sold at Chapters / Indigo stores on May 4-6, DK will be making a donation to the Indigo For the Love of Reading Foundation  

– Several Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada will be having special May the 4th parties this weekend sponsored by DK and featuring costumed characters from Star Wars provided by the 501st Legion. Here’s a full list of stores ( asterix means the 501st will be there )

NEWFOUNDLAND – Saturday May 5th / Call for details  – Chapters St. John’s

70 Kenmount St A1B 1W3  –709.726.0375

NEW BRUNSWICK – Saturday May 5th / Call for details  – Chapters Halifax  – Bayers Lake Power Centre, 188 Chain Lake Dr – 902.450.1023

OTTAWA* – Friday May 4th – 12 noon – Chapters Rideau – 47 Rideau Street –613.241.0073

OTTAWA*– Saturday May 5th – 3.00 pm – Chapters Kanata – Kanata Centrum, 400 Earl Grey Drive Unit # 1- 613.271.7553

TORONTO* – Friday May 4th – 12.30 pm – Indigo Eaton Centre – 220 Yonge St –416.591.3622

TORONTO – Saturday May 5th  / Call for details   – Indigo Yorkda

le – 3401

Dufferin St, Unit #29 – 416.781.6660

WINNIPEG*– Saturday May 5th – 12 noon – Chapters Po

lo Festival, 695 Empress Street – 204.775.5999 CALGARY*– Friday May 4th – 2.00 pm – Chapters Shawnessy – The Boulevard Shopping Centre, 16061 Macleod Trail S.E. – 403.201.5660

VANCOUVER* – Friday May 4th – 12 noon – Chapters Robson – 788 Robson Street – 604.682.4066

–  Everyone will be able to submit pictures of the Chapters / Indigo events and either post them on the DK Publishing Facebook page at or Tweet them using the hashtag #DKmay4th – for each photo DK gets they will make a donation to the Love of Reading Foundation!

– For the entire month of May DK Publishing is having a photo contest where people can send photos of themselves or loved ones reading DK Star Wars books. For each picture DK receives, they will again make a donation to the Love of Reading Foundation. Info about the contest will be posted under “PHOTO CONTEST”.

DK will pick an Office Favourite photo and that person will win a DK Star Wars library worth $200 and DK Publishing will donate a complete set of DK Star Wars Readers to the library of school of their choice!

Make sure to take part in the contest and good luck!