Day 5 brings what I hope is the kids last day at home being sick. It also brings what we think is Boba Fett’s spaceship and another piece to the jail my daughter is delighting in building. Did you notice the last post I did had the man hanging on to the bars in the jail? She threw him behind bars faster than I swig back Peppermint Mochas in December.

The house was cleaned yesterday, the laundry done and now I feel ready to tackle baking tomorrow. The kids will head back to school and I will start baking tarts and really committing to the pie I am making for Saturday.

It’s looking like a chocolate pecan kinda pie night. It just seems….right. But really, when are pecans and chocolate ever wrong?

If you didn’t see it, check out my Rum Glazed Mincemeat Cinnamon Buns that I whipped up last Sunday. I am that darn far behind in posting. Last week was like time loss due to alien abduction; I am missing entire blocks of time and there’s a metal device implanted in my sinuses.

Ok well, I can’t see the device exactly, but I’m sure it’s there. How else do you explain losing a week?


The Off To Look Up My Nose Magpie