This one would be my favorite out of the bunch so far. I know, I know, you are all thinking of Santa in the thong. How could anything possibly be better than that?

This one was a little confusing for a little guy to build, but we figured it out. Attaching them so they created the branches took a little envisioning first on his part, and with a little help from mom we got it going.

The little lego colored decorations on the tips are adorable.

Today….sees us getting ready to visit family….sorting out my list of presents to make sure I really AM done because it seems JUST impossible that it could be true.

I don’t want to say it…but I think I have it covered.

I think.

I hope everyone with kids is enjoying this wonderful, lazy time off and is having to break up sibling fights and squabbles just like I have been.


Why don’t they like each other? You should have SEEN the fight over the Lego this morning, pieces were flying everywhere. There were Lego pieces flying, children yelling, the cat running for cover…it was mayhem.

I, of course, being the stellar parent that I am, used the fat man as my parenting crutch and threatened that he was not going to leave any presents.

I wanted to pull out the big guns, which is telling them I have Santa on speed-dial and I was going to call him.

A friend of mine used that on her child and I laughed. A lot. Then I apologized for laughing when she was trying to threaten her son, nothing like undermining someone’s parenting.

Then I tucked it into my Big Book of  Empty Parenting Threats.

So I ask you….what’s in YOUR Big Book of  Empty Parenting Threats?

And if you don’t have kids, what have you already stored in that big mental book?