Christmas time’s  a ‘coming.

And it always comes a little bit earlier to our house.  Just a leeetle, not too much.

Ok fine. It comes early, I am crazy and we set up the tree on Remembrance Day this year.

Can I get away with it by claiming that I really have no time? That I am throwing a party for my son’s birthday this coming weekend, which will involve far too many children and adults in my house all at once, then the cleanup, then getting the kids fundraiser done and ordered, then two Christmas parties the first weekend of December then….I run out of time. There is no spare moments to be found this time of year which is ok by me.  It’s all kind of downhill from my son’s birthday on, timewise. But it just means that my tree is up crazy early.

I like to enjoy my tree and my Christmas Meese and not just have them up for two weeks.

This is what my living room looked like before. My children thought it was unbelievably funny to hide in with the outdoor decorations.

What’s scary is that there are two children in the picture below, and you can barely tell.

My poor husband Mike hauled everything upstairs for me.

Stood there with his hands on his hips surveying the living room for a while.

Opened his mouth…reconsidered it…and shut his mouth.

Opened his mouth…winced….reconsidered it..shook his head..and shut his mouth.

Stood there doing that like a fish for a while.

He’s a smart, smart man.

Decided to blurt out “Well, luckily the Christmas decorating is your thing!” and ran back downstairs to the Mac that loves him.

Thank goodness for my little helpers! The little helpers who spent hours helping their mama, having a pajama day at home.

It might have been because I was too busy to nag them to get dressed, but whatever the reason it was PJ day at our house as well.

I would like to point out that it takes hours to be a Christmas freak to this extent. Four hours, to be exact. We did have lunch in there somewhere and a little nagging on the side as Mike did the outdoors decorations.

I’m just going to come right out and say it:  it’s very hard to be married to me at this time of year.

He’s a lucky man that this year the lights are still up on the house and he wasn’t swaying on a tinny ladder 35 feet up in the air as per usual. He only had to put out countless decorations and lights and blow-ups.

The man must just cringe when it’s this time of year. I give him credit for not complaining, but after 11 years he must realize how futile it would be anyway.

So the tree is up, the moose are out and the furniture rearranged. Just one little thing more…

I am in love with these ultra large decorations that I picked up two years ago, I was going to put them outside then chickened out last year. This year I was inspired to hang them on the mantel and I have found their permanent place.

I just need one more…just one and really, that’s IT.

I mean it this time.