You guessed it right,  blue stars for Star Wars. Part of the crazy week of making things for my son’s birthday. Coming soon from the Kitchen Magpie near you: R2D2 birthday cake, complete with cursing and wondering why I don’t just buy a cake.

But for now, it’s all about the chocolates in the goodie bags I am giving away to the kids.

Let me start by explaining just how much I don’t like the dollar store junk in goodie bags from birthdays. Hey, I’ve done it, hated myself for every minute of it and then started thinking of alternatives to plastic lead-laced made in China junk.

Alternatives that include home made chocolates. I am aiming for quality, not quantity this year, a mere two items in each goodie bag, the second item to be revealed later.

This is super-duper easy and looks so great, and completely facilitated by my 40% off Micheals coupons, naturally.

Items Needed:

Chocolate melting disks
chocolate mould of choice
plastic icing bags

And that is all you need. Melt your disks either in the plastic bag in the microwave then snip off the end, or melt them in a large measuring cup, pour them into the plastic bag and snip off the end.

You can get the chocolate disks bulk for a good price at Superstore, white that you can color yourself and dark chocolate. I bought the blue ones before I knew this, but since they were such a perfect color I kept them.

Squeeze the chocolate into the mould.

Until they look like this. For the first batch I fussed, tried to get the chocolate in the corners and took forever.

Then I slapped myself on the forehead.

Because you have to bang the mould on the counter to get the bubbles out.

And it not only gets the bubbles out, but it spreads the chocolate out perfectly into the shapes.

Let them harden in the fridge and when they are ready, turn the plastic upside down and twist very slightly.

They will drop out perfect little shapes.

Keep them refrigerated until you eat or give them away.