How To Make Blender Hollandaise Sauce


Ok, everyone should know How To Make Blender Hollandaise Sauce! This is a weekend warrior skill, you and your kitchen, Eggs Benny, and this!

It is so easy you will never make another Hollandaise again, trust me. It’s so good that I rarely eat any in restaurants anymore, because it’s always a disappointment compared to what I make at home.

My Eggy Benny make me happy. It doesn’t compare to restaurant ones at all, and it seriously is because the Hollandaise is good enough to drink.

Not that I’ve ever tried it….but I’ve been tempted!

Ingredients for Hollandaise:

3 egg yolks
1/8 tsp salt
2 Tbs lemon juice
1/2 cup margarine or butter
hot sauce of your choice

Take your egg yolks and put them into your blender.

Add in your lemon juice.

Add your hot sauce of choice, and the amount of your choice as well. Start your blender for about 30 seconds then stop.

Melt your butter and heat to boiling one of two ways:

on the stove

or, place into a glass measuring cup and microwave until bubbling. This way I prefer, since then you can pour right from the glass you heated it in.

I don’t clarify my butter and I swear the extra mild solids are what make it so creamy.

Start your blender again, and slowly pour the hot butter in, very slowly and carefully, allowing it time to mix and cook the egg yolks in there. Make sure you do this slowly or the sauce will “break” and look curdled.

Its ready! And best if its used right away, nice and warm from the blender….

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Actually, the problem here is that the butter needs to be clarified before using it, the milk products in the butter cause the sauce to be unstable and seperate and/or curdle easily. To clarify butter, put the unsalted butter on low simmer in a pot and skim the top of the butter every few minutes to clear the milk products that become seperated and float to the top. Takes a bit of extra time, but makes a magical difference in the sauce :) Cheers


Ironically I just screwed it up by re-heating it this morning, with company here everything was made at different times, and I tried to nuke it a little and it completely curdled.I should KNOW better! But in the blender, the key might be to make sure the butter is very hot, and very slowly pour it in, then it cooks the egg yolk without making it into chunks of egg yolk. Perhaps the food processor doesn't whip it enough? I do know the butter has to be added sloooooowly. Good luck with the next batch, I hope it works for you!


Wife and I tried out this hollandaise this morning. We don't have a blender, so we used the food processor, instead. It seems like the sauce broke. Any suggestions? It was still tasty, but I didn't get the creamy consistency that I think I was looking for. I'm going to try again, I'm just not sure where I screwed up.