How Mr Magpie Tries To Fix a Website

First, The Tick earns her nickname and has to sit with on Dad.

No, we don’t brush her hair. Someone’s going for a haircut this week because some parents are dang tired of fighting over brushing that mane of tangled locks.

Wait wait wait.

FIRST Mommy picks up a computer/website virus from the States somehow, using unsecure networks in her travels, while writing posts while on vacation. Then she gets emails from everyone telling her that her website sets off alarms and bells on personal computers that have virus software.


Second, we try to fix. We being the Royal We and really is just Mr Magpie.

Third, the virus is everywhere.

Fourth, time to revamp it all.

THEN we get to The Tick.

She thinks’s she some funny, this kid.

Her brother thinks this is a great time too.

Greater times include a yelling match – while my daughter is still ticked to her dad’s back – and posing for the camera while her brother fakes punches her.

At least I hope this was a fake punch. In our house, you never know.

Five hours later, Mommy has a quasi-in-the-works-website up and still so very much that has to be worked on.

Daddy was thankful he works out of the house.

Any questions?


Two Kids For Sale Magpie


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A Canadian Foodie
A Canadian Foodie

Hilarious! And I CAN imagine! Hope you got rid of the virus.... and had a WONDERFUL time at the conference. I had a fantastic one at mine, too! We need to compare notes, but not sure I can do that if you will have two little people climbing over your head. XOXOXO

Pamela Marriott
Pamela Marriott

Oh man that last message sucked. I really should read them before I send them.....

Pamela Marriott
Pamela Marriott

K don't understand Joe it world nut today was the first time I have visited you web page in quite awhile. Like month or more so this was a new threat to me. As soon as I clicked your link Norton said there was a problem..does that help?

The Kitchen Magpie
The Kitchen Magpie

According to the tech geek, there's nothing now (we had to BUY a program to scan it, BAH!) but until people's computer programs refresh and get rid of the old scans, I'm STILL A THREAT baby.

Carlin Getz
Carlin Getz

haha....."two kids for sale magpie". My husband knows what that is like. :) Sorry to hear you "caught" a virus.

Pamela Marriott
Pamela Marriott

you still have your virus according to norton. just told me i was under attach when i went to your page.....sorry.