I have honeyberries, and more than I initially thought! I wouldn’t call it a bumper crop, but between the three bushes there are enough for the whole family to have a few tastes.

They are a definite mix between a blueberry and saskatoon, with the non-seedy inside of a blueberry. They are a little tart, so I am testing leaving them on the bushes a few more days to see if they sweeten.

Still, they are not too tart to eat and I personally really like the taste of them. And they grow here, unlike my blueberries which did NOT blossom this year.

I am thinking two of these honeyberry bushes will be transplanted once dormant in the fall to where the blueberries are. And the blueberries…sigh. I hate to kill plants, but they aren’t even growing nicely.

So here’s hoping I get even more next year!

Karlynn Johnston
Karlynn Johnston

They are VERY low producers the kids eat them before I get any recipes out of them!


Hi, I planted 12 haskap berry bushes in my back yard anxiously awaiting the berries in a couple years.  Wondering if you will be posting any recipes with your honey berries in the future?

Coffee Girl