Happy Fall!

What a beautiful sunrise this morning, full of color and promise for Fall.

And to celebrate, Mother Nature decided that its going to be oh, a mere 28-31 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow. Holy….smokes….is that hot! I love it. I have been hoping for a great fall all summer, since let’s face it, we got screwed on the whole summer heat thing. It wasn’t the greatest summer ever weatherwise.

And there is a wee baby green pumpkin that I would love to be a big grownup pumpkin before the frost hits hard, and this kind of weather sure helps!

And on that note, I better get myself outside and watering the plants before I take the critters to school.

Enjoy the heat wave!

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Liz Posmyk
Liz Posmyk

Just gorgeous! We are alike in many ways. 


Oh wow, what a great picture.The September heatwave was wonderful while it lasted.