Fast Food: Salmon & Green Beans

So this fast food involves a specific product that I picked up while trying to entice my husband into liking seafood.

We keep on trying and I must admit he does try whatever I pick up. He has managed to choke back some sole with lemon and herb, but the poor man just does not like it.

I picked up this Mediterranean Salmon made by Marina Del Rey the other day in the hopes that Mr Magpie would like salmon.

I loved it.

Mr Magpie ate it and asked me never to make him eat it again.

I however, will be picking myself up a stash for my lonely seafood lunches this summer.

So this lunch was easy, cook the fish following the directions on the package and steam some fresh green beans to go with it.

I actually packed this for a work supper one night and it reheats wonderfully! Make sure to take it in a glass container and you have a perfect healthy work lunch/dinner.

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