Chicken Coops in Edmonton

Is anyone surprised that I am interested in this and have been waiting for news? Not at all I am sure. But finally the city of Edmonton is catching up on the times and considering allowing chickens in the city. And phew, is there arguing in the comments section of that article!

To be honest, no animal drives me more crazy in this city than dogs. Sorry, I know that there are responsible dog owners out there and I do have some on one side of me. But that’s it, I swear, for the entire neighborhood. The barkers, the whiners, the “throw-themselves-snarling-at-the-fence-because-you-walked-by” dogs, we have them all in this neighborhood. And don’t get me started on the yards that don’t clean up after their dogs, the smell coming from them smells worse than 10 chicken coops!

But I don’t want to get into an argument about which animal is worse because no matter what, there are irresponsible pet owners wherever you go who will own any animal allowed (or not allowed) within city limits.

So let’s just look at chicken things. Like these amazing little coops by Eglu. Sliding trays to clean, houses 2-4 chickens, insulated for winter, wow.

I want.

It’s $500.

I don’t care.

I want.

And I want the city to let me have chickens.


Have I mentioned I have names picked out for my chickens already?

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