In today’s world, people never seem to find the time to relax. And for those who seek to be self-productive and self-sufficient by growing their own garden, finding time to maintain it can seem impossible to fit into a busy schedule. Perhaps the busiest of them all is the working Mom. Between chores, varying family schedules and everything in between, how does a busy Mom keep up on her gardening? First and foremost, stop digging in the dirt. This can be extremely time consuming (depending on how big your garden is) and exhausting when all Mom wants to do is put her feet up at the end of the day.

A great way to ease this problem is to consider raised bed gardening. This keeps Mom out of a lot of extra physical labor, and with a variety of raised bed sizes, it can be easier to determine how much soil and compost is really required. Next step to consider is to determine which vegetables the family prefers to eat. This can save Mom from second guessing which seed packets to buy for specific taste buds. Knowing exactly what the family likes to eat will help prevent extra money being spent and unnecessary effort while in the garden.

Making homemade pest controls can also save money at the store while at the same time ensuring that insects and animals keep away from your vegetables. The children will be protected and this can prevent lots of headaches and less time worrying about the garden. An easy natural pesticide is a garlic bulb planted around tomato plants. Sprinkling a little bit of pepper around does wonders as well.

These tips should definitely help to ease busy Moms. Enjoying her garden in the simplest and most efficient way possible should produce some delicious vegetables for her family’s meals.

Garden Mandy is a writer, photographer and an avid gardener who lives in Las Vegas, NV; hardiness zone 9. Glorious grapes, tantalizing tomatoes and perfect peas are just a few favorites for this organic green thumb. You can visit her website at