Since I know so many lovely, amazing food bloggers, I thought I would do a round-up of some of the best of what I have seen them baking up this Christmas season. All pictures belong to the food bloggers listed, this is about as little effort on my part as possible. Go comment on their sites to say hi and check out some truly great people.

I’m also lazy. Go look at their sites for inspiration. Shoo. Let me sit here, drink my wine and read about other people baking. I say this as I type out my Christmas menu, input the ingredients I need to buy into my IPhone shopping list and mutter about some curries for take-out on Christmas Day instead.

Speaking of curries, go and visit Michelle at Food,Football and a Baby. Her Chocolate Orange Canada Cornstarch Shortbread Cookies  – pictured above- look easy and amazing. But then go to her front page where she has a butter chicken recipe. She is totally making this for me one day. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Valerie from A Canadian Foodie has an amazing round-up of all her fabulous cookies. Go. Drool.  And make me some rum balls, they are hands-down my favorite. And the beautiful Florentines pictured above.

Jeanne from Hey Nana Bread made these coconut shortbread. I’m trying to figure out how she can ship them from the Deep South of the United States to little ol’ me up here in Alberta…. chocolate and coconut and shortbread? Uh, yes please?

I really enjoy Gluten Free Goes Vintage, it’s such a cool site and her recipes are for, of course, the gluten-free eaters. These gluten-free sugar cookies look so decadent, I am sorely tempted to give them a try!

If I wasn’t so lazy.

But I am so lazy.

I don’t want to bake another cookie until 2012.

Only cookies though, so not to include the 3 pies I have planned for my Christmas Pie table. Yessss. Pies. I am on a pie kick. Everyone is going to hate pies by the time I am done. I’m ok with this.

Who needs turkey when you can have pie, I say.

Oooh. Turkey pot pie as a leftover! You can put anything in a pie.

Enjoy the cookies, go visit those sites and share the love.


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