Outdoor Adventures

The Baby Killdeer

While walking along the beach at the camp ground this past weekend I suddenly saw a flurry of motion at my feet, stopping me dead in my tracks.I narrowed my eyes, considering the possibility that I was losing my mind and simply was seeing things. I quickly tossed aside that notion when something scurried across [...]

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The Great Grey Owl

Not a large post tonight, just a picture to share. This picture has me feeling so many different things on so many different levels. The sour gas warning signs. (Oh, could it be more stereotype Alberta oil country, or what?) Makes me cringe to even post something SO stereotypical. The gorgeous owl himself, what a [...]

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Live Food Blogging While On TV – No Pressure, Right?

I thought I knew blogger's pressure. That pressure that hangs over all of us, waiting in the wings, because we've left recipes too long,  or foolishly didn't take pictures and have to remake something or have taken on a paid project and the deadline is coming up faster than we thought it was. So yes, [...]

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How My Kids Don’t Listen & a Geocache or Two

Our first geocaching trip of the season happened this past May long weekend. I was fed up with being inside my messy house, surrounded by literal mountains of "stuff" that has to be sorted, cleaning, organized, given away and moved to various areas of the house. Our basement renovations are done - hurrah!- but that [...]

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Christina Lake, BC 2012

For the third year in a row, we've descended on our friends in Christina Lake, BC, to enjoy their campground and have fun at one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. Indeed, not only is it beautiful and quiet, it's also the warmest tree-lined lake in Canada. I've been in colder swimming pools than [...]

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