Summertime Fishing

Some summertime fishing pictures. I've been so lazy this year....

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There’s Nothing Like Your First Northern Pike

My son & his first "caught all by himself" Northern Pike.

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A Regional Alberta Food: Wild Caught Brook Trout

As the date grew closer and closer for the next segment in The Canadian Food Experience Project I agonized over what I was going to pick for the topic,which is writing about a regional Canadian food. Saskatoons seemed the obvious choice as nothing is more ingrained into my family's culinary history than the Saskatoon berry, but I didn't want [...]

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Alberta Brook Trout: Beyond Field To Table

Ah, the Shore Lunch. Nothing is more traditional, more sacred and or more looked forward to than the afternoon break while fishing to head to shore and enjoy a lunch. The best shore lunches simply must consist of some of your freshly caught fish from the morning; anything else pales in comparison. During our fishing [...]

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Alberta Brook Trout Fishing- The Action

Early one morning we carefully packed up our fishing gear, dropped the kids off with a sitter and hit the highway before the morning traffic rush had even thought about occurring for that day. The tires thrummed steadily against the pavement as we zipped down the empty Alberta highway, anticipation- along with that morning's coffee-coursing [...]

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