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A Canadian Food Hero: My Dad

This month's Canadian Food Experience post was not an easy one for me. I'm late with it by about three weeks and that's simply because I was truly lacking in inspirations. I have a hard time equating the word "hero" with much that is being done in food, to be honest, because of my wee cynical [...]

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How To Find Morels in Alberta- Part 1- Learn & Listen

**Disclaimer** This is NOT a mushroom identification/field guide. I highly suggest that you take a mushroom course with an expert at a local college or join your local Mycological society and learn how to identify Morel mushrooms.  This is how to find morels, not identify them. This simply an aid to those who have already learned how to properly [...]

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Spring Morel Mushroom Hunting in the Canadian Prairies

Hunting the elusive morel mushroom in the Canadian prairie during the springtime is a family tradition that is as imprinted in my memory as my own name. The only memory that can hold a close second to mushroom hunting is fishing, as I outlined in my recent post My First Authentic Canadian Food Memory: Wild Caught [...]

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The Family That Ice Fishes Together….

Most families I know didn't spend a large majority of the chilly Alberta weekends this past winter ice fishing together and I'm willing to wager that an even smaller percentage spent those weekends with extended family members tagging along as well. I apparently like to be an oddball in my choice of activities and I'm [...]

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The Families That Fish Together….

I thought I would start out this post with a picture of my handsome hunny, Mr Magpie. I liked it. He's rather cute. I am also rather fond of him most times, he's fun to be around, happens to be the father of my children and generally not a bad guy at all. Oh, the [...]

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