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Preserving: Our Canadian Food Tradition

Exploring our Canadian preserving tradition AND my Top 5 Canning Safety Rules!

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Simple Refrigerator Sweet Pickled Carrots

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that this whole canning business is hot, exhausting,sweaty work. Don't believe everything Pinterest or happy-go-lucky canners tell you, because sometimes, they just plain ol' lie to you. In the midst of canning season, which starts as soon as strawberries are out in July and can last until oh, forever, sometimes [...]

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Canned Sweet Pickled Carrots

I know that I'm going to talk about a vegetable here and not my usual lusting after a dessert, but man do I ever love a good pickled carrot! Yes, it's still me, I'm writing this post and no, I haven't lost my mind. I'm waxing poetic about a vegetable and to be honest the [...]

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How To Make Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

To this day, Anne of Green Gables remains one of my favorite childhood literary characters. The feisty orphaned redhead that won the heart of millions of Canadian readers has never had a serious contender for taking over first place in my heart. I desperately wanted red hair - as fervently as dear Anne wanted to [...]

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Canned Pickled Beets Recipe

Ah, pickled beets. These purple beauties are most certainly a taste of my childhood as my Grandma canned beets in great numbers. Unlike most children, I have loved beets since I was a young 'un running around my Grandma's Manitoba farm in the hot summer sun. I could have eaten them from the jar happily [...]

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