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Finding the Perfect Gift for your Significant Other

I’d like to welcome back Sam Peter’s again as a guest poster, her granola clusters recipe was a hit with everyone, we loved her Banana Bread Pancakes and now she’s talking about all things gifted! I especially like that she pointed out my lobster rug made a fabulous gift. Indeed, that was probably the best gift Mike has ever [...]

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The Pottery Barn Hits Edmonton!

Cinderella, your glass pumpkin carriage has arrived! Full of every home decorating wonder you could imagine, Edmonton finally has its own Pottery Barn. Now those of you who are long time readers are familiar with the fact that though I am comfortable in the kitchen - very much so- sometimes home decor escapes me. There [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Edmonton’s New Williams-Sonoma

Reason #1 : Some of the most fabulous dinnerware/servingware out there. I just about died seeing the plates with mushrooms on them. Reason #2 : This wall. I knelt before it and worshipped the pie plates like I was at an altar. Those Emile Henry artisan ruffled pie dishes are my first purchase on my trip [...]

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I Have a Shopping Problem

I could easily become one of those crazy coupon people on that TV show I haven't watched yet but fully intend to. I could dive into dumpsters for coupons, stay up late formulating how to get the best know the drill. I love shopping, I really do. Excepting shoe shopping for myself, which is [...]

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SW Edmonton Farmers Market

  Edmonton has more farmers markets than you can shake a stick at and for good reason. This city is so flippin' sprawled out that to get to another quadrant takes a million years and miles of travel.  In fact, teleporting or apparating might be a better mode of travel most days thanks to construction [...]

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