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Choose Your Own Edible Adventure Herb Bowl at Lowes

Remember this? Where I have been living the past few weeks while setting up my garden? My last post as a #LoveLowes ambassador this spring is all about their herbs bowls. They have a great selection of edible bowls available so I took the twerps to the garden centre with me to try and choose [...]

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Allergies & The Great Outdoors – My First Aid Kit for the Cabin/Trailer

Spring and summer have sprung, meaning it’s time for my family’s allergies to start acting up. Mike is always reacting to poplar fluff, Mr K is allergic to an unknown pollen and The Rose has bad reactions to mosquito bites all summer long. Hopefully said mosquitoes aren’t going to be so bad this year, we’ve [...]

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Plant Your Free Buzzing Garden this Spring!

If you’ve been a long time reader of the Kitchen Magpie – or even hung around here last summer- you’ll know that I’m an avid gardener. From fruit to vegetables, flowers to decorative grasses, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful, bountiful garden. And like all gardeners, I am acutely aware of the [...]

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Enter to Win in the Marble Slab Moments Giveaway!

True story #1: My family chooses ice cream cakes over almost any other when it comes to birthdays. True story #2 - Getting my brother to smile nicely for photos has been a challenge since the dawn of time. I have no less than five family member birthdays within this three week period every year. That's not [...]

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How to Plant a Proper Pepper Garden

Take a guess where I’ve been living for the month of May? Yup, at the Lowes garden centre. This year I was invited to partner with Lowes Canada to celebrate #LoveLowes and was asked to write about all things gardening – can you imagine how fast I said ” Yes please!” to that partnership? Shopping [...]

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