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Have Fun and Be Safe: Cooking with Children

  I'd like to welcome Emily Patterson from Primrose schools as a guest poster today on The Kitchen Magpie! The fascination of the kitchen with its sparkling pots, amazing smells, and searing skillets can be enticing to children. However, a kitchen can also be a dangerous place. This fact though does not have to keep [...]

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The Picky Eater Conundrum

I'd like to think that I am doing a good job most days with these two little gorgeous creatures of mine, that they are growing up happy, healthy and very well loved. But sometimes, with the exception of a few close friends who are in tune with my mealtime pain, I feel like I am [...]

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SW Edmonton Farmers Market

  Edmonton has more farmers markets than you can shake a stick at and for good reason. This city is so flippin' sprawled out that to get to another quadrant takes a million years and miles of travel.  In fact, teleporting or apparating might be a better mode of travel most days thanks to construction [...]

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Weekly Windup

In case I haven't mentioned it, Happy Spring! Happy Happy Happy Freaking Spring, everyone! That said, of course we are still going to get a snowfall, it IS May in Alberta, which means that the worst snows and frosts have yet to come. But until then, we are ignoring the impending doom aka the snowstorm we [...]

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Silver Lining

It's true, every cloud has a silver lining. Even those dark grey, deluge rain filled thundering clouds that have been hovering over the city for the last two days. Those same clouds that brought winds that blew down a lot of my beautiful delphiniums. But it did force my hand to cut the ones that [...]

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