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Eat Alberta : Your Real Food Survival Guide

Eat Alberta is back! What could be more fun than a conference about food, with local talents presenting and preparing?  This conference is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get out there and meet other local Edmontonians. This is for anyone who is interested in backyard gardening,  learning about eating locally and generally educating themselves about [...]

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Indeed, You Smarty Pants

Indeed, What Is It? Wednesday IS the lobster rug. My husband wins Husband of the Year award for this one, no doubt about it. I am going to save a place on the new fireplace mantle just for his trophy. He ordered it, figured out how to get it sent to his hotel while he [...]

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What Is It? Wednesday

We are officially residents of the south side. Moved in, moved on and in the new house. I find "in" such a relative word. We are most certainly "in" the house. All our possessions are definitely "in" the house. And "under" my feet..and all "over"...wait, I am getting into preposition territory now. I am assuredly [...]

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No Talkin’ Tuesday: Moving Day!!


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Project New House 2011- The Final Walk-Through

There's a lot of internal screaming with excitement going on right about now. Let it stand for the record that I am so incredibly lucky, blessed and grateful for the fact that we were able to build this new house.  I also thought we never would because I hate moving. I vowed we would never [...]

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