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Uncle Bob’s Japanese Chicken Wings

These wings - while known to most people as the Japanese Chicken Wings from the Best of Bridge series- are known in our house as Uncle Bob's Japanese Chicken Wings. Uncle Bob introduced my mother to these decades ago and in typical Uncle Bob style he found a way to make the Japanese chicken wings taste even better. [...]

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Greek Yogurt Cheesy Bacon Ranch Artichoke Chicken

Today's recipe is a riff on an internet classic - you throw cream cheese blocks on top of chicken breasts, add some ranch dressing powder and some bacon, cook it in the crockpot and call it a day. I've come up with a recipe using Olympic Krema Greek Style Thick & Rich Yogurt, and believe [...]

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Creamy Garlic Swiss Chard Chicken

I have a confession. Or three hundred confessions, really, but let's start with just one. Summer cooking isn't really my thing. I mean it is, but I honestly would rather eat burgers every single night of summer and then come up with a fancy new cocktail recipe instead of a new supper recipe. Or a [...]

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Retro Sweet & Sour Meatloaf

Let's start with first things first. I was craving an awesome, retro-licious sweet and sour meatloaf. In August. You can TOTALLY eat sweet and sour meatloaf in the summer. Winter doesn't get to have all the good food. Season's aren't the boss of me. I'll eat in, around, over, out of, and under season if [...]

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Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats! Crockopt buffalo chicken is mixed with ranch dressing & baked into cheese topped zucchini! Low carb & gluten free!

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