Impossible Saskatoon Pie

Impossible Saskatoon pie! You mix up the ingredients in one bowl, pour into a pie plate and you get a flour crust layer, a custard filling & a seriously amazing Saskatoon coconut topping!

By | August 1st, 2015|Categories: Pies, Recipes|3 Comments

My 25 Pie Roundup, Happy Pie Day Everyone!

Happy Pie day everyone!! Enjoy my roundup of 25 of my favorite pie recipes!

By | January 23rd, 2014|Categories: Delicious Food Round-Ups!, Pies, Recipes|0 Comments

Hazelnut Chocolate Cream Pie Using Frangelico

Decadent chocolate mousse pie with Frangelico and toasted hazelnuts. Amen.

By | December 23rd, 2013|Categories: Pies, Recipes|3 Comments

Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

This pie combines a whole lotta food loves in one pie .Mmmmm.

By | December 14th, 2013|Categories: Christmas, Holidays, Pies, Recipes|16 Comments

Scalloped Onion Pie

You read it right, folks, scalloped onion pie.It's absolutely amazing! If you like onions, you have to try this!

By | November 12th, 2013|Categories: Appetizers, Snacks & Side Dishes, Pies, Recipes|24 Comments