How To Throw a Simple Minecraft Birthday Party

Ah, the Minecraft birthday party. What every little boy or girl is wanting this year, mine included.  When presented with the idea of a Minecraft birthday party I was a little overwhelmed, truth be told, since I don't pay attention to the games that Mr K plays, that job falls upon his Dad. Being the [...]

Dairy & Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

Why Magpie? Why? Ah, I love ya guys. Like a bunch of cute seagulls circling ol' Magpie here, cackling "Why? What? How come?" "Why are you venturing into gluten/dairy free territory? What happened? Who can't have gluten? Who was diagnosed with what? Are the kids ok?"  said the endless Facebooking, Tweets and emails. No worries, [...]

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The Harry Potter Birthday Party

Ah. It came, went and was conquered. What a lot of fun my son's 8th birthday party was. We had, of course, a Harry Potter themed party. I was more than happy to oblige my son because I am admittedly a huge Harry Potter fan. Rabid. I think it's the best series of books written [...]

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Deathly Hallows Sugar Cookies

  My son's Harry Potter Birthday party went off beautifully, lots of Harry Potter themed food and children running around in sugar-induced glee.  The morning of the actual party I was up at 6 AM, fussing and fretting as I am wont to do the day of an event and decided that since I couldn't [...]

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Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

There is not a single possible way you can be looking at the picture of my latest cake and be grumpy, so Happy Monday to all of you! I do apologize that you can't reach through the screen and take a bite, or sneak a candy though, because this is one fun, happy cake! It's [...]

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