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Frosty Vegan Caramel Chocolate Truffle Squares

Part of the joy of having a large and wonderful extended family is cooking for said wonderful family. Even when I complain (and it's usually loudly) about the varying tastes and dietary needs of my family members, I do actually like coming up with new recipes that they can enjoy. It's just when they all [...]

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Coconut Rhubarb Crunch

There are a few things that annoy me about rhubarb recipes. I've already mentioned that I hate when scones are too sour and that I think most rhubarb scones aren't sweet enough. Which is what led me to make my fabulous Coconut Rhubarb Scones. I also hate when there isn't enough rhubarb in a recipe. [...]

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Healthy Breakfast Peach Crisp

Oh, how I wish I had eaten this for breakfast this morning, instead of the tasteless scrambled eggs and chilly bacon at the hotel in Helena, Montana that I just had. Not to fear, Starbucks has saved the morning. That's me, coffee in hand on the highway in Montana, writing this, on the way to [...]

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How to Make Homemade Granola Bars

How to Make Homemade Granola Bars I love granola bars, they make me happy. They are easy to pack into lunches, they are a nice sweet treat and most of all, they are a sanity saviour. Sadly, commercial granola bars are the equivalent of junk food. Sigh. Oh, I know it, I don't pretend that putting [...]

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Pineapple Soda Cracker Dessert

 Pineapple Soda Cracker Dessert/ Pineapple Saltine Cracker Dessert Oh, I know that you are scratching your head in bewilderment right now, and that's what I was doing when I came across this (badly written) recipe in my family vault. The vault refers to the stacks of papers, magazine cutouts, the one family cookbook that I [...]

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