Brown Bears Recipe

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?

I see a little boy, trying to eat me!

Oh, that Bill Martin/Robert Carle classic makes me tear up every time I think of it. The hours I spent curled up with my little babies, reading them that book. The short time it took them to memorize it and start reading it back to me, knowing which animal was coming next but still excited to turn every page and see who was looking at brown bear.

Now I mourn the short time it took them to move on to Harry Potter books, Captain Underpants and Archie comics.

For the sake of my sanity, I’m not even going to think about what’s going to come next. Girls, boys, cars, movies… heart just cain’t take it!

Let’s get on to the brown bears recipe before I get even more maudlin, shall we?

Brown bears – the food- are completely new to me this year, introduced to us by my sister. They are the simplest type of camping recipe, cooked dough on a stick.

I didn’t make that sound too appealing, did I?

Let me sum up.

You wrap biscuit dough around a wooden stick….

Brown Bears Recipe cook it over the campfire….

Brown Bears Recipe

…keep on cooking it…..

Brown Bears Recipe

..and when that little dough swirl is golden brown you slide it off the wooden stick, brush it with butter and roll it in cinnamon sugar.

Oh, I have you on board for this recipe now, don’t I?

Mmm Hmmm. All it took was sugar and cinnamon.

Brown Bears Recipe

The boy loved them of course and was more than happy to model the baked goods.

This one.

Can get a driver’s license in six years.

Is going into Grade five this year.

Is only one inch shorter than his Nana.

Barely fits onto my lap any more and that’s only because I force him to sit there for a snuggle.

I’m sure you can hear the sound of my mother’s heart cracking from here.

Brown Bears Recipe

 All mother’s laments aside, these are a fabulous, family friendly camping recipe or heck, whip these up over the fire pit in your own backyard. All you need is a nice fire and you’re set.

Brown Bears Recipe

 Happy Saturday everyone!

Today is our last full day camping and I am torn between being joyous and sad at the same time. I am so sad that summer has come to and end, the good weather (HA! what good weather?!!) will soon be gone and the kids are back at school and I will miss my little hearts.

On the other hand, said little hearts of mine are driving me batty. They are sick and tired of each other’s company, they are starting to snipe at each other more and more frequently and I am ready to get back into my routine.

I also do adore some lovely fall weather and the baking that comes with it so this time of year is bittersweet more than any other time, I find.

What are your big plans for today, how are you enjoying our last long weekend of good weather?


“The Little Magpies Are Driving Mommy to Drink”  Magpie

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Camping Recipe:Brown Bears Recipe!
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy Brown Bears recipes! Classic camping fare for kids and adults alike.
Recipe type: camping recipe
Serves: 8
  • 3 tbsp cup ground cinnamon
  • ⅔ cup white sugar
  • ⅓ cup butter, melted
  • 1 can refrigerated plain biscuit dough
  1. Combine cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl thoroughly.
  2. Melt butter in another bowl.
  3. Separate biscuits.
  4. Form each piece of dough into a rope 4 to 5 inches long, making sure not to stretch them out too long.
  5. Wrap the dough pieces around proper campfire sticks.We find that patting the dough around the end of the stick to make a "cap" helps the whole piece stay on and not fall off.
  6. Hold the sticks over your campfire and slowly turn until the biscuit dough is browned and firm, which takes about 8 to 10 minutes.
  7. You can either remove the dough or keep it on the stick when you dip the cooked biscuits into melted butter and then into cinnamon sugar.
  8. Eat and enjoy!