Well, I am sorely disappointed that none of you thought I was vain enough to get Botox for my crowsfeet or perhaps even between my brows to correct those slight frown furrows I have there. Or you were too polite and delicate to mention them. But no one guessed it correctly either!

In any case, the Botox is not for me, but for Mike. I have posted before about how his teeth grinding and snoring drives me insane. I don’t think I have mentioned however, that the teeth grinding is getting increasingly worse and louder and if we don’t stop it, I’m thinking the cost of dental surgery is gonna put us in the poor house. It’s so bad that when we were on vacation, he woke my dad up with the sound of his teeth grinding, and my dad thought one of the kids was running something over and over the cold air ducts, to make this rhythmic grating noise. Nope, it was just Mike’s face.

So our family doctor swears by the use of Botox to relax the muscles around the jaw joint, thus reducing the tension, then it follows that Mike won’t be clenching and grinding his teeth during the night. And let me give a rousing AMEN !!  for health benefits, it cost a mere $75, most of which is a really silly dispensing fee since it’s Botox, instead of the almost $400 for that wee little bottle.

But, if it was me, and I wasn’t so scared of the whole weirdness of Botox, this is what  I would be doing with it.

So my hunny bunny goes Tuesday evening to get injected, and we’ll see what happens. Here’s hoping it really does work! And he’s such a good sport to let me take pictures and talk about his annoying habit 🙂