How To Make Rotisserie Chicken in Your Crockpot!

Rotisserie chicken in your crockpot. Mind = Blown.


Fully Loaded Cauliflower Garlic “Bread”

Yes, cauliflower bread. You are either going to love it, or hate it!


Lip Smackin’ Best Ever Potatoes Au Gratin

Oh my. I kinda love these Lip Smackin’ delicious potatoes au gratin!!!


Black Forest Cake Trifle

Mmmm. One of my favorite cakes turned into a decadent trifle!!


The Best Pulled Pork Ever: Beer n’ BBQ!

I don’t like pulled pork sandwiches unless I make them myself, apparently. These were delish!!


Two Ingredient Giant Turtles Cinnamon Bun

Mmmm mmmmm mmmm… I love Turtles!


Vegetable & Cheese Tortellini Casserole

Ohhh I really might be making more tortellini baked casseroles in the future! So yummy!


Curried Cauliflower and Carrots

Curried Cauliflower and Carrots, a perfect and easy lunch!


Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast

Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast should have been gross. It wasn’t. It was AMAZEBALLS.



Halloween at Disneyland, 2014

Halloween at Disneyland, 2014. I finally checked it out!!


Hotel Room Tour – The Aria Las Vegas

Our beautiful room at the Aria Las Vegas!


Starbucks in the Fiddler, Fifer And Practical Cafe, California Adventureland

Thank the Lord above for Starbucks in both Disney parks!!!!



Dinner at The Fairmont MacDonald Harvest Room, Edmonton Alberta

Dinner at our favorite hotel in Edmonton, The Fairmont MacDonald!


My Reasons For Homeschooling: Travel, Bullying and Finding Peace

Why we are homschooling this year. Sigh. It’s not all happy.


Homeschooling: Day One.

We survived. That’s really all that matters at this point. To be honest, this is NOT the week to be doing any real in-depth analysis of homeschooling, in any way, shape or form. Mike and I are leaving for two weeks this Friday and have been going non-stop from dusk till dawn getting the house

The Wild


Two Ingredient Giant Turtles Cinnamon Bun

Mmmm mmmmm mmmm… I love Turtles!


Magpie’s Garden 2014 – Holly Homesteader. Chickenbees. And The End.

My confession about how I’m never gonna be a Holly Homesteader. I’m sorry.


Summertime Fishing

Some summertime fishing pictures. I’ve been so lazy this year….

Favorite Things


A $50 Wise Decor Lettering Giveaway!

A $50 Wise Decor Lettering Giveaway!


The Grilling & Chilling Soapstone Company Giveaway!

I am in love with the grilling stones from The Grilling & Chilling Soapstone Company. Enter to win a fabulous prize package worth over $200!


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