Reason #1 : Some of the most fabulous dinnerware/servingware out there. I just about died seeing the plates with mushrooms on them.

Reason #2 : This wall. I knelt before it and worshipped the pie plates like I was at an altar. Those Emile Henry artisan ruffled pie dishes are my first purchase on my trip back to the store.

Reason #3 :  The brisket starter.

According to Twyla,  “It was so good, I would have put my head in the pot if I could have”.

That’s some good dang brisket, y’all.

Reason #4 : The incredible copper cookware.


Reason #5 : Mushroom tea towels.

You had me a morel mushrooms. These will be mine.

Reason # 6 : The magic wall of sprinkles.

Those are all natural dye sprinkles with gorgeous, decadent vanillas below them. I sat here vibrating with happiness a minute or two.

Reason #7 : Williams-Sonoma carries the most incredible seasonal items. Ever.

I’m thinking of going back for the Wool of Bat tray.

Reason #8: Le Creuset in Aubergine.

Hold me.

Reason #9 : One word. Weck.

Reason #10 : The Poisson line of pasta dishes and serving trays.

I am in some serious lust with these dishes. I have been keeping my eye out for dishes with fishes and it’s very hard to find non-tacky ones. These are gorgeous and on my Christmas list.

Or my tomorrow list.

I’d like to thank the great team from Williams-Sonoma for having me out last night to preview the store, what a great time that was!  I was so excited to attend and I wasn’t let down at all! They invited some of the most fun gals in town, what a great time we had looking at all the shiny things!

A couple of the awesome Edmonton food gals that  I attended the preview with have also written up lovely posts about it, so to see even MORE  pictures visit Lillian at Beyond Umami and Michelle at The Tiffin Box.

The store opens tomorrow morning at West Edmonton Mall and do they ever have fun things in store! Local chefs will be there, food demos will be taking place and best of all…

..the cash registers will be working.


The Seriously Going To Live At That Store Magpie